Questions Package Format

The basic format for our quiz packages is seven rounds of ten questions. There are also other novelties including a Who Am I and a Tonights Task (eg, Picture Round).

Each package includes other accessories to make the Quiz run smoothly such as the answer sheets, marking sheet, some ideas for games, a sample agenda, and our operational tips or guidelines.

With this format the quiz should go for about 2 hours. In our experience this is the ideal length, not too short and not too long.

General Package Contents

  • Round 1: General Knowledge
  • Round 2: General Knowledge
  • Round 3: General Knowledge
  • Round 4: General Knowledge
  • Round 5: General Knowledge
  • Round 6: Your choice of topic
  • Round 7: Your choice of topic

  • Who Am I Bonus Question
  • Tonight's Task Novelty Question (eg Picture Round)

Other Included Extras
  • Marking Sheet
  • Answer Sheet Template
  • Operational Guidelines
  • Agenda Template
  • Our Games List

For rounds 6 and 7 you can choose from
our List of Categories

Other Package Notes

Posted Option

We send everything by post including a pad of 100 answer sheets. The package comes in an A4 sized parcel with the questions, accessories, and answer sheets.

Other Packages and Pricing

Most of our other quiz questions packages such as Tailored and Themed all have the same basic format. The only difference is that these packages have different topics. They are also more expensive - the price of the package increases as the choices and options for the trivia questions increases.

Email Option

We email the questions and other accessories as PDFs for you to print them. The files include:

  • The Questions Package (content described above)
  • An Invoice/Receipt
  • The Answer Sheet Template (to photocopy)
  • Operational Guidelines
  • Games List (fundraising or fun games to run between rounds)