General Trivia Package: $55 + GST

The basic format for a TNQ General Trivia package is seven rounds of 10 questions. The first five rounds are general knowledge, and the sixth and seventh are topics of your choice.

There are two delivery options :-

Email: $55 + GST:

Save time and money by getting the package delivered by email. We generally send the email within two business days. Let us know if you need it earlier by calling us on

 :  (07) 3374 3526.
Posted: Add $10 + GST

We send everything in hardcopy which includes a pad of 100 answer sheets. Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.

General Package Contents
  • Round 1: General Knowledge
  • Round 2: General Knowledge
  • Round 3: General Knowledge
  • Round 4: General Knowledge
  • Round 5: General Knowledge
  • Round 6: Your choice of topic
  • Round 7: Your choice of topic
Novelty Questions
  • Who Am I Bonus Question
  • Tonight's Task Novelty Question (eg Picture Round)
Other Included Extras
  • Marking Sheet
  • Answer Sheet Template
  • Operational Guidelines
  • Agenda Template
  • Our Games List
Ordering Process
  • Step 1: Fill out the order form below
  • Step 2: Select your Round 6 and Round 7 topics from the drop down menu
  • Step 3: Enter your credit card details
  • Step 4: Confirm your purchase
  • Step 5: The package will be emailed/posted within 2 business days.

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Returning Customer?

Please let us know if you have ordered from us in the past or if you have been to a TNQ quiz with another group so that we can make sure your questions are unique.

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